Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

At W&L, we believe in the power of learning by doing which is why exploration and challenge are at the heart of our curriculum.  

Our students are invited to expand their education beyond traditional classrooms and broaden their understanding through engaging, hands-on experiences. Learning opportunities come in a variety of shapes and size, often in the form of community-based learning, global education and undergraduate research. Experiences are only limited by students’ imaginations.

Students might predict the next presidential nominee during Mock Convention, devise ways to supply clean water to impoverished communities with Engineering Community Development, produce weekly news broadcasts with The Rockbridge Report, provide pro bono consulting services to non-profits as part of W&L Student Consulting group, or facilitate communication within the increasingly diverse population in Rockbridge County through ESOL.

Spring Term

Imagine exploring a topic in-depth and working intensely alongside your fellow students and your professor.  That’s the essence of  Spring Term. Students choose one course from about 200 options that may be conducted in the U.S. or abroad. It’s not uncommon for students to say after their Spring Term experience, “This course changed my life.”

The Rockbridge Report

Produced weekly by journalism students at Washington and Lee University, The Rockbridge Report seeks to provide the community with fair, accurate and accountable news coverage and in-depth analysis of local issues. While the content is produced by Washington and Lee students and overseen by their professors, The Rockbridge Report focuses on news outside of the college campus.

Mock Convention

Beginning in 1908, W&L students have replicated the national convention of the party out of power in the White House every four years, continuing a tradition fueled by rigorous research and non-partisan student leadership. Mock Convention is now a 112-year tradition at W&L, and is the most accurate and realistic mock presidential nominating convention in the nation. 

Field Programs

W&L offers several field programs through a variety of programs and departments where students are introduced to and participate in activities directly related to potential careers after graduation. 


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“ The invaluable lessons I have learned from Mock Con, both in political analysis and leadership, will carry with me into my future endeavors, whatever they may be.”

John Harashinski • Major: American Politics  Minor: Education Policy